Munich, Germany

Location: Munich, Germany

Year: 2015

Time of Year: December

At first I was a little hesitant traveling through Europe in the winter, but I’m so glad I got to see Munich in December! Being surrounded by festive Christmas Markets and other winter activities added to the charm of the city!

I stayed in Wombat’s hostel which ended up working out really well. It was very close to the central train station and a great location for seeing things in the city.

The first night there I attended the Contact Music Festival. It was primarily electronic music, and one of my favorite artists happened to be playing there! It was a wonderful event! One of the most interesting differences between there and other festivals is that when they sold you a drink, each glass came with a token, if you turned in your cup with the token, you got one euro off your next drink. Amazingly the floor was a lot cleaner at the end of the night than any other festival I have attended!

contact munich

Other more typical sights that were enjoyable were walking through the picturesque Christmas markets, ice skating with the locals, and having a drink in an authentic beer garden.


Last but not least was seeing the Neuschwanstein Castle. The long walk up was definitely worth the view! It was pretty crowded, and booking through the hostel ended up being a really great way to ensure our visit was a success. I see why the day trip is so popular, a beautiful castle with an interesting backstory, what more would you want?

munich 5

Munich was an incredible city and I would recommend paying it a visit!


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