Innsbruck and Rattenberg, Austria

Location: Innsbruck and Rattenberg, Austria

Year: 2015

Time of Year: December

Both of these cities were day stops on a longer trip through Europe, and I’m so happy with the decision to pass through! I took a bus from Munich to Innsbruck, leaving before the sun rose and just reaching the Austrian Alps as the sun began to rise. It was one of the most picturesque drives I have been on! There was something almost magical watching the sun rising over the foggy Alps, also the bus only cost ~10 euro, so it was a great deal!

inns 2.jpg

After arriving in Innsbruck I was struck with awe- it is a colorful vibrant city surrounded by gigantic mountains! Unfortunately there wasn’t enough time to check out the ski slopes, but I’ve heard they are great there! I went to Christmas markets and walked around the city. The river walk and university were both really nice.

While walking around I found a glass gallery which had flyers for their glassblowing workshop in Rattenberg! I asked the lady for details, and as it turned out it was right on the way to Salzburg and easy to reach by train! Within a couple hours, I was in Rattenburg, wandering through this small town looking for a glassblowing studio. The colorful buildings, narrow streets, and groups of people enjoying the Christmas markets made the town feel like something out of a story book.

The glassblowing studio ended up being pretty easy to find with a little direction from the locals. The street names were confusing but luckily it was a small town and everyone was very friendly! The glassblowers were incredibly skilled and they had a small shop which sold a lot of pieces at a discounted price! Perfect for picking up a little Austrian crystal souvenir.

For anyone passing through, I would definitely recommend a stop here.

Link to Glass Shop Website:

I’m really glad I stopped in both places. Rattenburg was an easy town to see in a day, and would be a great place for a quiet weekend away. I would have loved to spend more time in Innsbruck, especially to check out the ski slopes and other areas of the city!


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