Salzburg, Austria

Location: Salzburg, Austria

Year: 2015

Time of Year: December

If you have seen the Sound of Music, you have probably heard of Salzburg at some point in time. For a good reason too! This little town is charming and definitely worth a visit! This was a stop on a longer trip through Europe, and while not a large city, there is a lot to do! Arriving later in the evening on a weekday led to a less exciting first night since restaurants and shops close early, but luckily a gas station was still open to grab a late night snack.

The first day there was spent touring a salt mine! I chose the salt mine tour rather than the Sound of Music tour because I felt I could learn more about the history of Salzburg rather than just seeing the sights where a movie was filmed. The tour took us through the Alps and up to the small town of Berchtesgaden, then through a 500 year old mine. It was fantastic and I would highly recommend it if you are passing through! It is possible to take both a salt mine and Sound of Music tour if you plan ahead.

Link to tour website:

Being there in December meant I was able to see the Christmas markets! Salzburg definitely knows how to do Christmas, with different types of lights hanging above almost every street in old town! Sometimes I found my way around just by what decorations were hanging above the street!

And last but not least was swing dancing at Winterfest! This was an event I had found on Facebook while looking up what types of social dancing they had, and ended up being one of my favorite things of the entire trip! The event is called Tanzpalast Swing and is held in December each year. The venue is an old mirror tent with a tiered dance floor surrounded by wooden booths. Between the dancing, live band, and beautiful venue, the whole event felt like stepping back in time! Tickets were technically sold out, but luckily some were still available at the door.

Link for Winterfest:

tanz 1

Salzburg definitely has that small town charm as well as an interesting history! I think visiting in December and seeing everything covered in lights added a lot. Spending 2 to 3 days there was enough time to enjoy the highlights, but I would have loved to stay longer!


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