Prague, Czech Republic

Location: Prague, Czech Republic

Year: 2015

Time of Year: December

Prague was a stop towards the end of a longer trip, and coming from Germany and Austria, there was a noticeable change in culture! The buildings had that same European feel but were older, and more historic. I stayed at the Madhouse Hostel, known for being a party hostel since I felt it would be an easier way to meet other travelers! Locating the hostel took some time since the streets can be very confusing, but basing locations off of “how to get there from the river” really helped. The hostel was wonderful and extremely helpful in determining the best sights to see!

Wandering around the old town area ended up being really cool! There were tons of shops selling Czech glass, which has a very unique style! Also many other art vendors and performers lining the streets! A late dinner before going out seemed to be fairly common, as most restaurants were packed around 9 to 10 pm. The food was filling and delicious. I ate svickova for almost every meal, and enjoyed every bite! Climbing the hill up to the Castle that overlooks the city was a tough walk, but well worth the view! The Christmas market there was very nice, the view provided some great photo opportunities.

As a lover of art, the John Lennon wall was a must see stop! The walk there was scenic and the wall wasn’t too difficult to find! I wish I had brought some paint with, but luckily I always keep a sharpie in my bag so I was still able to add a little doodle.

One of my favorite things in Prague at night was going to Lucerna for their 80’s and 90’s video dance club nights! We ended up going two nights in a row with other people from the hostel because it was so much fun! If and when I go back to Prague, I would definitely go back to Lucerna!

lucerna 1.jpg

The last day there was spent walking to the Petrin Tower which looks like a mini Eiffel Tower on top of a hill. The walk up was a little tiresome after spending all night dancing at Lucerna, but doable. The views were spectacular!

All in all, I would visit Prague again! The people, food, and sights are worth the journey! The crew at Madhouse were incredibly welcoming and there is definitely a lot to do!



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